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On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you think you know about CBD isolates? Do you know that the most stable isolates are those that are manufactured within a short span of time after harvest? Probably no other company does this, except Medterra. And that is why I’ll rate MED99+ CBD Isolate above all.

Hang on! High potency isn’t the only plus point of this product; it has many more benefits just waiting to be discovered. Here are some features to prove my point.

Product features

Consists of 99%+ pure crystalline with great purity and potency
The hemp used in manufacturing the crystalline are raised and extracted following the guidelines set by Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Only superior grade CO2 extraction is employed in the process
Guarantees consistent results with the odorless and tasteless compound with a 0% THC
How to consume?

People like using isolates for two reasons: 1) for the quick-acting effects 2) for ease of use. You can take these isolates by mixing it with food (easiest) or by merely consuming raw, right out of the jar.

How was my experience?

I wouldn’t be talking about this product if the results were horrible, would I now? Among all the CBD isolates have used over the years, Medterra MED99+ gave me the least bit of surprise, which is a good thing! I had heard great reviews of the product from many different sources and couldn’t wait to try it out myself.

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical initially, but just a few uses put my doubts to rest. Having struggled with pain and anxiety throughout the years, I learned how to cherish the moments of brief relief in between. Using this product made me feel like the relief had come to stay for good. Better health, better mood, and better sleep: it’s all in there.

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Buy CBD MED99+ Australia Buy CBD MED99+ Melbourne Buy CBD MED99+ Sydney Buy CBD MED99+ Queensland Buy CBD MED99+ Victoria.

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#3 Green Roads World 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate
cbd isolate by greenroadsworld and the review

After CBDistillery, I did try quite a few products before finally encountering Green Roads World. Why am I not talking about them? Well, that’s because they aren’t worth talking about. Green Roads World is the second brand in the CBD isolate world that managed to rock my socks off – and I am not exaggerating.

So what’s unique about this isolate? Well, nothing and everything. Nothing in the sense that this product doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel; everything in the sense that this product is better!

Product features

This pure CBD isolate concentrate is lab tested to be 99.9% pure
The cannabis oil is derived from industrial hemp that’s been raised in organic farms
No risk of getting exposed to pesticides and GMO
Lab tested to ensure optimum potency and purity, after using CO2 extraction method
How to consume?

According to the official website, you can either use the isolates as a dab wax mix or consume directly as edible. CBD isolate crystal form will ensure that you get good results in the shortest time possible.

How was my experience?

The effects of this product were phenomenal! After trying out a bunch of crap, it finally felt like I have found something that could help me for the long term. Honestly speaking, I would have just gone back to CBDistellery as my pain and anxiety symptoms were starting to take a toll.

Thankfully, this product arrived, and I found something new to talk about with you guys. Go ahead and try this; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Word of caution: don’t treat my words as a sort of guarantee because the effect of CBD tends to vary significantly from person to person. Approach with an open mind and expect to be moderately surprised.


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