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Order Koi Delta 8 Gummies Delta-8 THC gummies are a fun and and easy way to get those health effects and a mental euphoria at the same time.  One of the highest-quality products in this category are Koi Delta-8 THC Gummies.  These gummies from Koi CBD come with 20 gummies in a well-designed container with a child-safety lid and protects the gummies really well. Much better than many of the gummies you find that are in open bags.

These gummies are high-quality because KOI takes great-flavoring and pairs it with their high-quality product. It contains Delta-8 THC isolate, not with any strains of indica or sativa dominance. All of Koi’s products are third-party tested for purity and compliance. No matter which Koi gummy flavor you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the consistency each and every time, which is why they are always a brand we are proud to recommend at The Green Dragon CBD.


The packaging is clear, large enough print and well designed.  It is perfect for people on the go because they come in a sealed jar to keep them safe, protected and away from children. Remember these products are for ages 21+. Legal Delta 8 Products, Buy THC Edibles Canberra, Marijuana Edibles Queensland

The labeling includes all of the ingredients, including the amount of Delta-8 THC and plant-derived terpenes. You will also find the suggested use and warnings from the manufacturer. Buy Delta 8 Edibles

As previously mentioned, they do come in a jar which is nice for taking with you anywhere you need to go.  The upside to this is that these are going to be a lot easier to carry around with you and don’t take up as much space.  We don’t recommend using these and then driving or performing any dangerous activity. If you carry them in the car though be careful! On a hot day it could melt the gummies.


The Koi Delta-8 Blue Raz THC Gummies are 25mg each and there are 20 in the 500mg container.

These gummies are simple to use just open the container and take how many you need.  Now opening the container isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Be sure to press straight down on the lid and then twist. There is an instruction printed on the top of the lid.

When it comes to dosing with Delta-8 THC gummies, we suggest starting with just 1-2 gummies.  Gummies take about 30-45 minutes to get into your system and the effect should last 4 to 8 hours.  The effects do vary by person based on body weight, body chemistry and the desired effect. Buy Cbd capsule Online in Australia


Many people use Delta-8 THC gummies to enjoy a manageable high. With these, you’ll be able to get a mental high with less paranoia and anxiety than some experience with marijuana. It’s also very common for people to use it as an evening snack to help them with anxiety or sleep prior to bed.  Koi Delta-8 THC gummies are there for your personal health challenges such as chronic pain, PTSD and more. Delta 8 THC Vape Carts


“I feel so much relief when I take these gummies. I use CBD during the day when I’m working but at night I look forward to these. Less pain, better sleep, and the high is really powerful for my mind and body relaxation. Love love love them.”

“Tasty and effective, would recommend.” BLUE LABEL 10G ORAL APPLICATOR 3 PACK RSHO

“Absolutely fell in LOVE with these tonight! I have honestly severe anxiety and along with it very bad insomnia. These mellow me out like I’m chilling on air. Life changer!” Day and Night CBD Gummies Bundle

” I purchased the Koi from my local CBD store, came home, had dinner and took 2 of them before relaxing for the night. They started to kick in after about 30 minutes, and lets just say I was so relaxed, ready for bed, and actually had a wonderful full nights sleep last night! “ Delta-8 THC Gummies – Sour Strawberry Diesel. Buy Delta 8 Edibles, Marijuana Edibles Queensland


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